Keeps your private life private, synced in your mobile and online...

Keep sensitive contacts protected in the Loky app & start private conversations.

Keep private conversations confidential redirecting SMS to your Loky app.

Keep private photos, videos, documents and any other file secure with Loky.

Keep all your private data in sync with the secure cloud back-up and access your data online through any PC or tablet.

Exclusive Loky Plus Extras...

More Loky Features...

Keep your private & work life separated.

Keep Loky invisible without the app icon on your mobile.

Keep private calls mute & redirected to your voice mail.

Keep the app closing automatically when idle.

Quick! Shake to close the app immediately.

Keep any login attempt tracked with Loky.

Get notified via dummy SMS when private messages arrive.

Keep access to your data secure via your personal PIN.

Keep a photo or video secure capturing it with Loky.

Coming soon for Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0+)

We all value a little privacy.

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